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Does the white coffee mug make you feel the bitter?

Date:2023-2-28 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, A recently published research paper shows that the same coffee in coffee mugs of different colors will make people drink different flavors. The use of white coffee mugs will make people feel that the bitterness of coffee is stronger and the sweetness is lower; while the use of blue coffee mugs will make people feel that the taste is stronger.
In fact, it is not uncommon for color to affect taste. Studies have shown that if you drink hot chocolate, a cream-colored mug will increase its sweetness and aroma. The best use of this theory may be in the field of dieting and weight loss: blue will reduce appetite, and the use of blue tableware and decorations is more conducive to dieting.

Want to have stronger coffee? Please use a blue coffee mug
Apart from cream, sugar, and milk, do you know what else can change the taste of coffee? The answer is: the color of the coffee mug. It sounds unscientific, but it does have a scientific basis. An article published in the journal "Flavour" in November 2014 confirmed this.
The lead of this research is George Van Dorn, a lecturer in psychology at the Commonwealth University of Australia. He did two experiments to verify whether the color of coffee mugs affects consumers' judgments on the taste of latte coffee. In the experiment, the researchers asked the subjects to drink coffee in white, transparent and blue coffee mugs, and then recorded their feelings about the bitter taste of coffee.
The experimental results showed that the color of the coffee mug greatly affected the subjects' judgment on the taste of coffee: Compared with the transparent and blue coffee mugs, the subjects who used the white coffee mugs felt lower sweetness and stronger The bitterness. The blue coffee mug can enhance both bitterness and sweetness, making the subjects think the coffee is stronger.

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