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The discoloration principle of ceramic color changing coffee mugs

Date:2023-3-17 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, The ceramic color changing mug is magical and fun, and many people like it very much. Before pouring coffee, this coffee mug is a very ordinary mug. After pouring in hot coffee, the pattern of the mug changed, and slowly became another picture. This picture may be a photo of you and your lover, maybe a family photo, or a publicity advertisement for enterprises. Do you also want to know while you like the ceramic color changing mug.

1. Why can the ceramic color changing mugs change color?
The ceramic color changing mug is also called the magic mug. Injects hot water in the cup, the outer wall of the cup will change. The color before the change is black, red, etc. After the color change, another customized picture shows.
During the production process of the outer wall of the color changing mug, the outer wall of the mug uses temperature sensing materials. There are two types of temperature sensitive materials:1). Temperature painting paper; 2). temperature glaze. When the temperature material is 40 ℃, the color will change. This temperature -sensitive material itself is high -temperature resistant to high temperatures. It can meet the European standards without toxic, lead, and chromium -free.
Temperature glaze is a type of glaze. Its full name is: heterogeneous glaze. Because rare earth elements have a special atomic structure, especially in the outer electron layer of the ceramic cup, there is a 4F electron layer that is not filled with electrons. The transition of this unsaturated electron layer has a variety of electron energy. Electromagnetic radiation in various wavelengths of ultraviolet light and visible light to the infrared light region has special selectivity for light radiation absorption. Therefore, it is possible to use rare earth as a physical tonor or color of glass or ceramic glaze. It can not only produce a variety of colorful colors, but some rare earth elements can also show a multi -color effect, which can be used to make ceramic color glaze.

2. The production process of the ceramic color changing mug
The ceramic factory must first make warm painting paper. Ceramic factories make the company's custom patterns into drawing paper. This kind of drawing paper is different from ordinary drawing paper. It has an additional process and adds temperature materials to the drawing paper. Then, just like ordinary ceramic mugs. Paste the paper with temperature -sensitive materials onto the ceramic cup. After baking, the discoloration cup was produced.

3. Precautions for using ceramic color changing mugs:
(1) It is strictly forbidden to put in high -temperature places such as microwave oven/disinfection cabinets.
(2) It should not be exposed in strong light.
(3) It should not be soaked in long -term water.
(4) Do not scrape/wipe the surface image of the cup, otherwise it will cause the cup image to fall off.

4. Is it poisonous with a ceramic magic mug? Is it safe to drink coffee with a color changing cup?
The principle of the ceramic color changing mug, just now, the Xin xiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer has told everyone. From the principle of the magic cup, we can understand that the qualified material is safe without lead chromium. In addition, the temperature sensing material is on the outer wall of the color changing cup, and it does not contact the coffee in the cup. Therefore, in terms of material perspective, the craftsmanship is safe and healthy. The ceramic color changing cup produced by Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Factory has been inspected by SGS and domestic and foreign security. When you custom ceramic color changing mug, choose a regular ceramic mug factory.

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