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8 flavors of coffee and the influence of different coffee mugs on taste

Date:2023-7-16 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

The efficacy and role of coffee

Caffeine in coffee can increase the excitability of the central nervous system, so drinking coffee can improve the body's attention. People who often stay up late are very prone to dark circles and edema. Caffeine can constrict blood vessels, so drinking coffee can relieve dark circles. Caffeine can also promote the cleaning metabolism of cells. It can make the human body whiter. So drinking coffee can whiten the body. Coffee has so many advantages, so which flavor of coffee should we usually choose, which is more suitable for us? First of all, Xinxiang Ceramics Manufacturer will introduce 8 common coffee flavors to you. Then, I will teach you how to understand the influence of different coffee mugs on the taste of the same coffee.

Taste of coffee

Coffee, from the day it was discovered, has been full of mystery and intoxicating power. The coffee culture has lasted for hundreds of years. There have been earth-shaking changes in coffee varieties, roasting methods, blending types, and places to drink coffee, and they have been endowed with too many additional meanings.

1. Espresso
Espresso is a high-strength coffee that originated in Italy in the early 20th century. It was originally Italian, meaning concentrated, emphasizing the strong taste and purity of this coffee. Espresso is usually served in a small coffee mug, and when Italians drink it, they always pick up the mug and drink it all in one gulp. Coffee with such a strong taste can only be enjoyed by unrestrained Italians.
Espresso seems simple, but like its meaning, it is a concentration of coffee culture. Even for the same kind of coffee beans, due to the different grinding degree, water temperature, and brewing techniques, the final tastes are also diverse, which is his charm. He is also the basis for all kinds of modern coffee.

2. Latte
One-third of Espresso, two-thirds of hot milk, the perfect combination of the two is a milky latte.
Latte (Latte), Italian is milk. When latte became popular in Britain and America in the mid-19th century, it was used to refer to coffee with milk. In Italy, if you want to order a latte, you should say caffè latte (milk coffee) instead of Latte, otherwise you will end up with a glass of milk. Because of the high milk content, latte is especially suitable for people who don't like the sour taste in coffee.

3. Cappuccino
The practice of cappuccino is: 1/3 espresso, 1/3 hot milk, and 1/3 milk foam.
Cappuccino is considered to represent the traditional Italian coffee brewing style, and of course it is ultimately a fusion of Italian and American espresso brewing methods. The origin of the name is said to be that after 1525, the Franciscan monks wore brown robes and a pointed hat. When they were introduced to Italy, the locals named their costumes Cappuccino "Cappuccino". At the end of the 17th century, a monk found a pile of coffee beans on the battlefield of the Battle of Vienna. But the coffee made from these beans tasted strong, so Europeans added cream and honey to it. Coincidentally, the coffee prepared in this way is similar in color to the monk's robe, and the coffee has since been named after the monk's robe.

4. Cortado
Cortado is obtained by adding a small amount of warm milk to Espresso. Pour Espresso first, then pour milk. The order cannot be wrong. The ideal ratio of coffee to milk should be between 2:1 and 1:1.

5. Mocha coffee (Mocca)
Mocha evolved from latte and was invented by Americans inspired by Turin chocolate coffee. Like a latte, a mocha is generally one-third espresso with two-thirds hot milk, and some chocolate is added, such as cocoa powder or chocolate syrup, and sometimes dark chocolate or milk chocolate. Like cappuccino, latte has an attractive layer of milk foam, sometimes replaced by cream to increase the taste, and finally cinnamon powder, cocoa powder, and sometimes marshmallow. The taste is very rich, and it is a master of mixing and matching in coffee.

6. Bombo coffee
Bombons are made with espresso and sweetened condensed milk in a 1:1 ratio. The procedure is to pour the espresso first, then add the condensed milk. The process of pouring is very enjoyable. The milk slowly submerges the espresso, watching the color of the espresso being stirred, producing rich textures, and then returning to calm to form an obvious layering.

7. Bicerin coffee
Bicerin is a traditional hot coffee concoction originating in Turin, Italy. It is made by mixing espresso, cocoa mass and whole milk or cream. It is usually served in a small round-bottomed mug, which is very beautiful.

8. Macchiato coffee
Macchiato means "mark, brand" in Italian. As the name suggests, its name Caramel Macchiato symbolizes the imprint of sweetness. The traditional macchiato does not add milk, only some milk foam is added to the espresso, the amount is about one-half of the coffee. This is also the biggest difference from latte.

So when we drink coffee, we should also choose a suitable cup to release the flavor of the coffee better, isn't it? Because different coffee cups have different effects on the taste of coffee. Numerous studies have shown that the shape, color, texture and more of a coffee cup can affect consumers' perception of coffee taste.

Coffee mugs Affect the Taste of Coffee

1. Different shapes of coffee mugs
A study by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom showed that the shape of the coffee cup can affect the taste of coffee.
The researchers recruited more than 300 volunteers from different regions to conduct research, and asked them to taste coffee with mugs of different shapes, and then evaluate the coffee from various aspects such as aroma, bitterness, concentration, and taste.
The results of the experiment showed that most people thought the coffee in the taller mug was sweeter, and the coffee in the "skinny" mug was more bitter than the "fat" mug.
The researchers analyzed that the reason why people feel that the coffee in the tall and "fat" cups is sweet may be because such cups are more likely to let the bitterness of the coffee escape.

2. Coffee mugs with different textures
Coffee mugs made of different materials have a great influence on the taste of coffee. A good mug can show the flavor of coffee to the fullest, but a bad coffee mug can completely ruin the flavor of coffee.
porcelain mug
Porcelain mugs are the most widely used coffee utensils. For a good mug of coffee, the white porcelain mug has a smooth surface and soft color, which is the best coffee utensil for observing the color of the coffee liquid.
Glasses are a favorite for fancy coffee. Because the whole body of the glass is transparent, when it is used to hold latte, macchiato and other coffee, it can well show the layering of coffee, and the double-layer glass has a good heat preservation effect, which is used to hold hot coffee such as latte. Coffee is a pretty good choice.
Pottery mug
Pottery mugs are the favorite of coffee players who pursue a sense of history. Ceramic mugs are made of clay. Compared with porcelain mugs and glass mugs, the surface of ceramic mugs is rougher, with a heavy feeling of clay, and it is very simple and historical. It is not very easy to wash after drinking coffee.
plastic mug
Plastic mugs are the most commonly used mugs. Most of the mugs used in beverage stores are now plastic mugs, but when drinking hot coffee in plastic mugs, the smell of the mugs will affect the taste of the coffee, and plastic mugs are not environmentally friendly.

3. mugs of different colors
Psychologists believe that people's first sense is vision, and color has the greatest impact on vision. The reason why human behavior is affected by color is that human behavior is often dominated by emotions.
Therefore, the color of the coffee mug will also have a certain impact on people's emotions, which in turn will affect the judgment of the taste of coffee.
Doron, a professor at the Department of Psychology at the Australian Federal University, invited dozens of people to conduct experiments earlier. The same coffee was placed in coffee mugs of different colors to test the influence of the color of the coffee mug on people's coffee tasting.
The results of the study found that compared with transparent glass mugs, people think that the coffee liquid in white coffee mugs is darker in color, and then thinks that it is more concentrated and tastes more bitter; while the coffee in blue coffee mugs, due to the contrast of blue, People think that the color of the coffee liquid is lighter, and then that the coffee liquid is low in concentration and tastes less bitter.
Therefore, the color of the coffee mug will more or less affect the taste.

4. Mugs with different mouths
There are two types of coffee cups: wide-mouth cups and straight-mouth cups. The shape of different cup openings will directly affect the feeling and flavor of the coffee you drink in the first sip.
wide mouth coffee mug
A wide-mouth mug, as the name suggests, is a cup with a wide mouth. The mouth of the cup expands outward, allowing your taste buds to fully contact the coffee, and your tongue can feel the flavor of the coffee more completely.
straight coffee mug
Straight mouth mug, as the name implies, is that the mouth of the cup is straight. The mouth of this cup is perpendicular to the table, and the coffee liquid is more concentrated when entering the mouth, and the taste is more balanced.

To sum up, although coffee mugs will have a certain impact on the flavor of coffee, we do not choose the best coffee mugs, but to choose the most suitable coffee mugs, which can amplify or concentrate your favorite flavor characteristics mug, because for more people, a cup of coffee is a kind of mood. When choosing ceramic coffee mugs, the coffee mugs produced by professional ceramic manufacturers are more guaranteed in quality. For example, Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer has speci.

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