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2 important aspects of custom production of ceramic coffee mugs: firing and embellishment

Date:2024-5-20 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

Xin xiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, An important part of the production process of ceramic coffee mugs is firing; an important part of the personalization of ceramic coffee mugs is beautification. Firing can affect the overall color and safety of ceramic coffee mugs.

Raw material is the basis, firing is the key. In the ceramic production process, firing is one of the vital processes. The firing process of ceramic products is in a certain temperature and atmosphere conditions, after forming, glazing, drying ceramic billet for high temperature treatment, so that a series of physicochemical changes, the formation of a certain mineral composition and microstructure, and ultimately obtain a variety of characteristics of ceramic products billet in the firing process to occur a series of physicochemical changes, such as expansion, contraction, the generation of gas, the liquid phase of the Appearance, the disappearance of the old crystalline phase, the formation of new crystalline phase. In different temperatures, atmosphere conditions, the content and extent of the changes are not the same, thus forming a different mineral composition and microstructure, determining the different quality and performance of ceramic mugs.
The glaze layer on the surface of the blank in the firing process also occurs in a variety of physical and chemical changes, and ultimately form a glassy substance, thus having a variety of physical and chemical properties and decorative effects. Common firing process can be divided into a firing and two firing. A firing, is the raw billet glazed, dried into the kiln at high temperatures after a firing into products. Two firings, is the unglazed blanks, after drying, the first firing, and then glazed, and then the second firing (glaze firing). A firing process to simplify the process, reduce the heat loss during firing, two firing to improve the strength of the blank, is conducive to the mechanization of subsequent processes, automation, reduce breakage, improve the quality of the glaze. The actual production should be selected according to the specific conditions of the product.
The firing process is carried out in specialized thermal equipment called kiln. There are many types of kilns, which should be selected according to the different products. At the same time, firing is also often used to a variety of kiln, the rational choice and use of kiln, to improve product quality, energy saving, reduce production costs is also important. There are many factors affecting the firing, in the firing process if not properly controlled, not only waste of fuel, but also will directly affect product quality, and even cause a large number of waste products, bringing undue losses to the enterprise. Therefore, we only master the billet in the high-temperature firing process of the law of change, the correct choice and design of the kiln, the scientific development and implementation of the firing system, the strict implementation of the loading and burning operating procedures, in order to improve product quality, reduce fuel consumption, and obtain good economic benefits.

Decoration is an important means of artistic processing of ceramic products, it is the unity of technology and art. Through the ceramic products for appropriate decorative processing, not only can improve the artistic value of the products, bring people the enjoyment of beauty, but also significantly improve the appearance of the quality of the products, improve its economic value of ceramic decorative methods, each of them has its own artistic characteristics.
According to the varieties of ceramic products, process characteristics and different decorative techniques can be divided into the following types of decoration
Painted decoration: including glaze decoration, such as new color, ancient color, pastel, broad color and other glaze hand-painted and glaze applique, printing, brushing, spraying color, photographic decoration, electric light color and bright gold, polished gold, corrosion of gold, etc.; underglaze decoration, such as underglaze blue, glaze, underglaze red, underglaze, underglaze color, underglaze spraying and underglaze applique, etc.; glaze color decorations, such as low-temperature glaze color, glaze color, in the Korner temperature, etc.
Art glaze decoration: including color glaze, flower glaze, crystalline glaze, no light glaze, crackle glaze, variegated glaze, fluorescent glaze and so on.
Sculpture decoration: including pinching, piling flowers, picking flowers, carving, hollowing, relief, dark carving, round carving and molding.
Comprehensive decoration: including blue and white lingerie, crystal carving and stacking flowers, color glaze porcelain, blue and white doucai, colored art glaze, etc.
Other decorative methods: including color blanks, make-up clay, color granule blanks, bleeding, grinding and polishing, screen printing, patchwork decoration and so on.

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