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What kind of ceramic coffee mugs are not dishwasher and microwave safe?

Date:2024-6-24 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, In "Is it safe to microwave ceramic mugs and plates?", we introduced that some ceramic coffee mugs are not suitable for microwave oven, in which one of the factors is: ceramic flower paper. Ceramic stained paper is categorized according to the baking temperature: high-temperature paper and low-temperature paper. Low temperature ceramic flower paper can not be used in microwave oven because of low operating temperature. So, can ceramic stained paper coffee mugs still be used in the dishwasher? No, it can't. Why can't ceramic stained paper coffee mugs be used in either microwave or dishwasher? Then, we will introduce the characteristics and features of ceramic flower paper in detail.

1. What is ceramic flower paper?

The ceramic stained paper we see every day is mostly small film floral paper, also known as water transfer decal paper. It is first printed on a special paper pre-coated with water-soluble adhesive, and then moistened by water immersion, transferred to the surface of the object attached to a decorative process. Small film ceramic stained paper is composed of the bottom layer of base paper (also called paper base), the middle layer of soluble adhesive, and the surface of the cover oil.

2. The characteristics of ceramic stained paper

Water transfer decal paper base paper to have good water absorption, but also brings a contradiction, that is, the printing process, if the base paper absorbs too much water, it will become heavy and soft, the paper is not good to organize and operate, and the paper is bound to swell, resulting in the printing process of inaccurate color registration, this inaccurate characteristics of the expansion of the irregularity, it is a difficult to solve the problem. If encountered in dry weather, the paper will shrink, become smaller, will also cause inaccurate color registration. When this happens, the paper may appear four corners of the phenomenon of warping, not good finishing, but also not easy to print. So the choice of base paper, to emphasize its stability. Secondly, the environment of the printing shop to maintain constant temperature and humidity, temperature control at 22 ℃, humidity of about 55%. Another focus of the paper is the performance of hydrosol surfacing, requires smooth, not easy to harden, shrinkage, cracking. Identify the quality of the paper, whether it is suitable for your production, to use the simulation of production test. Ceramic flower paper appears to be four corners or a side of the phenomenon of warping, most because of the hydrosol surface hardening, shrinkage caused by. Water-motion ceramic stained paper is also suitable for a variety of special processes: for example, it can be printed with precious metal preparations as well as patterns with relief effects. It is also possible to print ceramic stained papers according to different firing temperatures: over-glaze, under-glaze and under-glaze. The thickness of the printed color layer can also be thickened or thinned at will.

3. The difference between high-temperature ceramic flower paper and low-temperature ceramic flower paper

1) . Firing temperature: high temperature ceramic stained paper firing temperature, generally controlled at 600 ℃ -1000 ℃. According to the ceramic stained paper in the glaze position, set a different firing temperature. This firing temperature is much higher than the low temperature ceramic stained paper. Therefore, ceramic stained paper ceramic coffee mugs are not afraid of high temperatures. The firing temperature of low temperature ceramic stained paper is around 150℃. Therefore, it can be seen that the ceramic stained paper of the low-temperature flower paper of the ceramic coffee mug is not adapted to the high temperature. If it is put into the microwave oven and heated at a high temperature, the color of its pattern will fade or even disappear. The evaporation of the ink of the ceramic stained paper is not good for the health of our body.
2) . Color vividness: the color vividness of high temperature ceramic stained paper is slightly worse than low temperature ceramic stained paper. There are some special colors, such as purple, gradient colors, patterns with metallic colors. In order to ensure the quality of the picture, it is better to use low-temperature ceramic stained paper.
3) . Abrasion resistance: high temperature floral paper because of the high firing temperature, the glaze will completely vitrify the ceramic stained paper during the firing process, generating a protective film on the outer wall of the ceramic coffee mug. Therefore, high temperature ceramic stained paper coffee mugs are dishwasher safe. Low temperature ceramic stained paper is not dishwasher safe because of the process. If a coffee mug with low-temperature ceramic stained paper is washed in a dishwasher, its image will most likely be scratched and the mug will be prone to scratches.
4) . Stability: high-temperature floral paper although the color is not as bright as low-temperature floral paper, but its color has a strong stability, 5 years or even longer, high-temperature floral paper of the color of the coffee mug is still as new. Low-temperature ceramic stained paper because of process problems, try to maintain the clarity of the original color, but the duration will not be too long. Its color will gradually dim with time.

It can be seen that high temperature ceramic stained paper and low temperature ceramic stained paper have their own advantages and disadvantages. Then, when we customize ceramic stained paper coffee mugs, we can choose high temperature paper or low temperature paper depending on whether we need microwave and dishwasher. Although there is a difference between the two, their production process is the same. Here is the introduction

4. Ceramic stained paper production process

1) . Color separation: according to the pattern demand, color design and color separation processing, to ensure the accuracy of the pattern color and sense of hierarchy.
2) . Plate making: Convert the designed pattern into AI file required for making ceramic flower paper, and make the design draft film for logo and flower surface pattern.
3) . Color mixing: According to the PANTONE NUMBER of the design, various base colors of ceramic pigment will be synthesized into the required color according to a certain ratio, and this process includes automatic color mixing and manual color mixing.
4) . Making samples: make the first batch of sample ceramic stained paper on semi-automatic ceramic stained paper machine, test the color condition of the samples by baking on the mugs, and adjust it if there is any deviation until it reaches the required color of the customers.
5) . Mass production: After the samples are confirmed, mass production is carried out by fully automated machinery.

5. Status of ceramic flower paper production

Ceramic stained paper, as a material for ceramic production, has a very short industrial chain and is bound to be significantly affected by the ceramic industry. The layout of ceramic stained paper factory is a good illustration of this point, whether it is China's ceramic mug base, or ceramic mug production bases in other countries, they are accumulated around a large number of ceramic stained paper production factories. Ceramic stained paper, is an important part of the ceramic mug group layer. Just like a beautiful girl can not be separated from the beautiful clothes. Whether the ceramic cup is used for domestic sales, or as a coffee mug export. Ceramic stained paper is an indispensable part. China relies on a long history of ceramic production and technology is constantly updated, especially in terms of safety and environmental protection, ceramic stained paper production process has made great progress. Xinxiang Ceramic Mugs Factory, while satisfying customers with customized ceramic mugs, uses safe and environmentally friendly ceramic stained paper to provide you with high quality ceramic coffee mugs.

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