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4 Trends of the Decal Paper on Ceramic Coffee Mugs Industry

Date:2024-7-8 Xinxiang Ceramic From:Custom Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers China

Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, Decal ceramic coffee mugs have beautiful patterns or photos. Do you know how these patterns are made? What is the current state of the decal industry and what are its prospects? Although, these professional knowledge for people who drink coffee with decal coffee mugs, it is not important. But, as a buyer of ceramic coffee mugs, we need to know it. Because, it can let you predict the development of the industry in advance, and facilitate the later purchase of coffee mugs to understand the latest production technology of ceramic coffee mugs.

The production process of flower paper is simple, according to the pattern requirements, colour design and colour separation processing. Then, the designed pattern is converted into AI files required for the production of floral paper, out of the design draft film, and then, according to the PANTONE NUMBER, computer colour mixing and manual colour mixing. After the sample production qualified, it began to batch printing. This mid-term test volume is: the quality of raw materials, detail control and equipment stability of the enterprise.

Trend 1: the plight of small and medium-sized enterprises

Into the year 2024, the saturation of the floral paper market is the main reason for the decline of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the period, rising raw materials, high labour costs is to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized flower paper enterprises or the direct cause of the demise.
Ceramic flower paper industry, the technical threshold is not high, into the industry is relatively easy, in 2013 began to appear around a large number of flower paper production enterprises. These enterprises are mainly concentrated in several production bases of ceramic mugs: Shandong Zibo, Hubei Liling, Fujian Dehua, Chaozhou and so on. When these flower paper enterprises to enter, only to find that the market saturation is very high, product homogeneity is serious, the customer base is not stable enough. This makes the enterprise less risk-resistant. When the price of raw materials and personnel costs have risen sharply, the enterprise's profits fell sharply. In the face of many difficulties, floral paper enterprises passively seek solutions to reduce operating costs while seizing customers. The best way, of course, is a technological breakthrough for high-end customers and high-margin orders. Then, this requires the ability to develop new products, it requires a large investment in capital, but also professional talents. This depends on the vision, vigour and strength of the business owner. The advantage of small business is flexible, so take the road of transformation is not a good idea. Fierce competition means resource reorganisation and market pattern reshuffle. After accumulating a certain amount of capital and experience, whether to continue to insist on going is a small and medium-sized ceramic flower paper enterprises are facing new choices and tests.

Trend 2: diversification and specialisation

Today's flower paper industry diversification has become a mainstream trend, including: application scenarios, product market diversification, product channel diversification. Most of the flower paper enterprises in the north, flower paper applications have begun to expand to: glass, gifts and other industries. Due to the impact of raw material prices and other factors, the decline in profits, floral paper enterprises pay more attention to expanding product sales channels, such as: many years a sizeable floral paper enterprises, before, mainly relying on Shandong ceramic mug export business. At present, they not only supply foreign trade orders, but also began to seize the domestic market share. Relative to diversification is specialisation, can also be said to specialise. Insist on doing high-end products ceramic flower paper enterprises in the professional performance is very prominent, these enterprises are not extremely important to the application of technology in production, in the process of development, has been to enhance the value of the product line. Diversification and specialisation of the two directions of development, each with its own advantages. Diversification helps enterprises reduce risks, avoid corporate shortcomings, enhance sales channels and expand customer groups. Specialisation, can help enterprises establish strong core competitiveness. Specialisation, helps enterprises to focus their advantages in one aspect and occupy a high position in the market. At the same time, however, specialisation also makes enterprises lose some development opportunities and form a single field of dependence.

Trend 3: competitive development

Ceramic flower paper as a material for ceramic production, the industry chain is very short, is bound to be significantly affected by the ceramic industry. Ceramic flower paper factory layout is a good illustration of this point, whether it is the South's long-established ceramic main production areas, export areas, or the North's porcelain capital, the ceramic base around a large number of flower paper manufacturers have accumulated. Some of these manufacturers focus on with ceramic manufacturers to do exports, the product focus on high-end, relatively profitable. Europe and the United States high-end ceramic market decline and shift to the domestic market operators in this part of the market to see the prospects of the market. At the same time the unstable foreign trade environment, harsh export testing also makes them wary. Before 2018, China's floral paper mills south of the Yangtze River have an advantage over those in the north, have an advantage. It is mainly reflected in: good technology, new equipment, and small starting quantity. However, in the last few years, the floral paper mills in Shandong, updated their equipment, trained high-end technicians, and the starting order quantity also did the same as the south. Competition between the north and south, so that the development of the flower paper industry with vitality.

Trend 4: energy saving, environmental protection to lead the development of the industry

Energy saving, environmental protection is the general trend of the entire industry, especially ceramics as a traditional industry, is a high energy consumption industry. Domestic ceramic production factories of scale, are upgraded equipment. To meet the national standards for energy saving and environmental protection. Flower paper production enterprises, also carried out the corresponding upgrading. With the standard of living is getting higher and higher, people pay more attention to the quality of life, but also more concerned about the health indicators of the products used. Ceramic products and people's lives are closely linked, especially for daily life of ceramic coffee mugs and ceramic tableware. In the technology is progressing, ceramic flower paper enterprises are also in the firing, high temperature and other aspects of the integration of more technological enhancements, so that the pigments directly penetrate into the ceramics, not only to achieve the effect of aesthetics, but also to improve the safety, environmental protection and health standards.

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